Lung Health Checks – the MOT for your lungs

This year, people aged 55-74 in your GP surgery are being offered the new free NHS Lung Health Check.

Run by specially trained nurses, they are an easy way to find out how well your lungs are working. If needed, you will get care and treatment to help breathe new life into your lungs.

The checks are for people aged 55-74 who smoke or used to smoke.
You are invited whether you feel fine or not, and whether or not you have any lung problems.

If you are eligible, you will soon receive a text message from the Surgery with a link to book an appointment, or you will receive a letter through the post.

The benefits of a lung health check are;
− It’s free
− It’s local and easy to get to
− You can talk through your questions
− There are no judgements on smoking
− You can find out about having a lung scan if you need one.

What happens during a lung health check?
First you will be asked some questions about your breathing and about your overall lung health about your breathing, lifestyle, family and medical history. Height and weight measurements are also recorded.
Based on your answers, you may be invited for a simple lung scan. If you are not invited for a scan you will be discharged from the programme. You’ll have plenty of time to chat to the nurse and ask questions. The lung health check will take 20 minutes.
A lung health check can help spot any problems early – often before you even notice anything is wrong.
If a problem with your lungs is found early, treatment could be simpler and more successful.
Your lungs work hard every minute of your life. As you get older it’s worth having them checked out.

Take a look at the video below. Created by the InHealth group this video talks you through the Lung Health check.