The Doctors

The Partners

Dr Amar Bostan (M) Qualified in Leicester. (1995). MBChB, MRCP, MRCGP. GP Partner . Dr Bostan is fluent in Urdu and Punjabi. He leads the practice with the teaching and development goals for undergraduates and all members of the Picton clinical team.  Dr Bostan works 8 sessions per week

Dr Rafaqut Rashid (M) Qualified in Liverpool (1996)  MBChB. MA. GP Partner .Dr Rashid is fluent in Urdu and Punjabi. He leads the practice with Level 2 Diabetes care, Dr Rashid works 7 sessions per week

In addition to the two GP partners our other Doctor is:

Dr Arif Hafeez (M) Qualified in 2006. Dr Hafeez is fluent in Urdu and Punjabi and works 2 sessions per week.

Advanced Practitioners

Advanced Practitioners provide a complimentary service to the GPs, enabling patients to be seen without the need to see a GP first. Advanced Practitioners will assess, diagnose, treat and refer appropriately. They also prescribe. Our ACPs speak English, Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali.

Rifat Asghar (F) Background in Nursing & Practice Nursing. Fluent in Urdu & Punjabi

Shefa Chowdhury (F) Background in Nursing & Health Visiting. Fluent in Bengali

Sumreen Akhtar (F) Background in Adult Nursing and Health Visiting, Fluent in Urdu & Punjabi

Salina Amin (F) Background in Nursing & Health Visiting fluent in Urdu & Punjabi

Zulf Jafry (M) Pharmacy Background, fluent in Urdu & Punjabi

Nasir Rahim (M) in training. Pharmacy background.  Fluent in Urdu and Punjabi

The Management Team

Anne-Marie Higgins, Practice Manager and Babra Mushtaq, Service Manger are responsible for the day to day management and running of the Practice, its patients and its staff.


Mohammed Nasir Rahim (M) is our Practice Pharmacist and is currently undertaking the ACP training at Huddersfield University

Sana Noor (F) is our Trainee Practice Pharmacist

The Nursing Team

Practice nurses are qualified to give advice on the chronic disease management of Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease and other long term conditions. You can see the nurses for travel advice, childhood immunisations, cervical screening, sexual health and contraception advice, and for your children’s vaccinations. Our nurses speak English, Punjabi and Urdu.

They are supported by a team of health care assistants who you might see for blood pressure checks, blood tests, ECGs, 24 hour Blood pressures, flu clinics, stop smoking clinics and much more.

The Admin Team

There is a huge behind the scenes administration team, from secretaries, to systems managers, data quality and senior administrators, prescription clerks, appointments booking clerks, patient engagement leads  who all work together to provide you with the best service we can.

Routine Appointments

Routine Appointments Picton Medical Centre at Westbourne Green (WBG) and Whetley Medical Centre (WMC) are available Monday to Friday 8.00am – 6.00 pm. We offer early morning appointments from 7am Thursday and Fridays at Westbourne green for those people who work or have needs that require early appointments. You can book your appointments on line and choose the clinician or site of your choice though you may need to wait a little longer to do so. The average wait time for the clinician of your choice is approximately two weeks.

If you cannot book your appointment on line you may ring the surgery. The care navigators will need to ask you about the type of appointment you feel you need to ensure you are booked into the most suitable clinic, they will treat any information that they are given in the strictest confidence. (see our polices and procedures)

Same Day Appointments

If you feel that you urgently need to be seen on the same day, then your details will be taken by a care navigator who will ask you for the following information:

What are your symptoms?

How long have you had them?

What have you done about it yourself?

This information is then passed to the duty clinician who then decides what needs to be done.  This could be offering advice, a prescription, and an emergency same day appointment with a doctor or an advanced practitioner or arranging a routine GP appointment or referred onto another member of our attached team for example a health visitor.

Please remember that Same Day Appointments can only deal with the acute presenting problem.

Not Attending Appointments or Cancelling Appointments.

If you decide to make an appointment it is essential that you attend.  Missing an appointment without good reason could result in your removal from our list. If you need to cancel an appointment you should give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. This enables us to offer the appointment to another patient. If you have a mobile phone you can sign up to MJOG, you will receive text messages reminding you to attend and you can cancel your appointment by typing cancel into the text message confirmation you will receive when booking any form of an appointment.


You should order your repeat prescription online – visit our website at, or download the apps from our website

If you cannot order your prescription on line you can use your repeat prescription request form, which can either be sent by post or delivered in person during surgery opening hours.  Please tick each box on the right hand side of your repeat prescription of the items required.  All repeat prescriptions will be ready for collection 48 working hours later. Your repeat prescription is your responsibility, Picton Medical Centre do not accept repeat prescription requests for patients from Pharmacies.

Please note we are not a dispensing practice.

Collection of your prescriptions

Please sign up for ETP (electronic transfer of prescription)

If you nominate a pharmacy, you can sign up for ETP this means we can electronically transfer your prescription to your pharmacy, which is accountable, traceable and saves on printing.

If you do not wish to sign up for ETP then you can collect your prescriptions between 2pm – 5.30 pm. If these times are difficult for you why not nominate your local Pharmacist to collect this for you.

Pharmacy First & Minor Illnesses, All Day Every Day

As qualified healthcare professionals, pharmacists can offer clinical advice and over-the-counter medicines for a range of minor illnesses,

If symptoms suggest it’s something more serious, pharmacists have the right training to make sure you get the help you need. For example they will tell you if you need to see a GP.

All pharmacists train for 5 years in the use of medicines. They are also trained in managing minor illnesses and providing health and wellbeing advice.

Many pharmacies are open until late and at weekends. You don’t need an appointment – you can just walk in.

Most pharmacies have a private consultation room where you can discuss issues with pharmacy staff without being overheard.

If you have one of the following conditions, a Community Pharmacist can assess you & provide you with the right medication without a Prescription.

Athletes Foot,  Blocked nose, Cold, Cough, Hay fever, Sore Throat, Thrush, Earache, Headache, Threadworms, Teething (Children under 3 months), tummy trouble and general aches and pains and many other conditions.

Out of Hours Treatment  – when we are closed

When the Surgery is closed (see below) and you need medical help please consider the following options.

Can this wait until my GP practice reopens?

Pharmacy First – some pharmacies are open 100 hours a week

NHS111 – if you cannot wait until your GP practice reopens and you do not think a pharmacist can help you please ring 111

Accident & Emergency Department (A&E or 999)

A & E departments are an Emergency department and should only ever be used in life threatening situations.

Please note that if you use the A & E department or call ambulances inappropriately you are endangering the lives of peoples who need their services.  Patients who use A & E and call ambulances inappropriately will be removed from our practice list. We all have a duty to protect the NHS.


Every person has a right to be registered with a Doctor. Picton aims to deliver the highest quality Primary Care to our registered patients and demonstrate sensitivity to the changing health needs of our multi-racial inner city population.  We respect patient’s rights irrespective of race, creed, disability, gender, religion and age.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we listen and we care, we are a family friendly Practice, our Doctors and our staff hold the same ethos. More and more patients every day are joining our practice and telling others about us too.

Our list is open and we accept applications from patients who live in Bradford 8, Bradford 9 and Bradford 1, some parts of Bradford 18 and 2.  If you require more information on our Practice boundary, please ask at Reception. Picton Medical Centre has suitable access for disabled patients.

In return for our excellent services the practice expects that patients respect and treat the staff in the same manner.  The practice operates a Zero Tolerance policy, which states that Practice staff and visitors have the right to come to Picton without the fear of being verbally or physically abused.  This anti-social behaviour will result in you being removed from our list and the possibility of the incident being reported to the Police.  We ask that you treat your GP and Practice staff in a manner that you would expect to be treated yourself.

Home Visits Please telephone (01274) 019605 before 11.00 am when possible to request a home visit only if you are unable to attend the Surgery.  The visit will normally be between 12 noon and 2 pm.

General Enquiries Please contact the Surgery after 10am   for general enquiries / results / any other concerns.  Any patient ringing before that time will be asked to call back.

Access to Information

The Picton Medical Centre team often need to access patients medical records.  The principles for handling patient information are as follows:

  • Justify the purpose for using confidential information
  • Only use when it is absolutely necessary
  • Use the minimum that is required
  • Access should be on a strict need to know basis
  • Everyone understands their responsibilities
  • Understand and comply with the Law

How to Raise Concerns or Make a Complaint

We hope that most problems can be sorted out easily and quickly, often at the time they arise and with the person concerned.  We would encourage you to contact the practice and speak to a member of staff, if they cannot deal with your concern you are welcome to request a call back from our service manager.

If your problem cannot be sorted out in this way and you wish to make a formal complaint we can also advise you of the complaints procedure and who to contact.

You should normally make a complaint:

  • within 12 months of the matter which caused the problem; or
  • within 12 months of becoming aware you have something to complain about.

This time limit can be extended, depending on circumstances, as each complaint is treated individually.

What We Will Do

We will acknowledge your complaint within three working days, and offer to discuss your concerns with you to agree the way forward if we haven’t already.  We will investigate your complaint and aim to provide you with response which will include the outcomes of the investigations within a time frame we agree with you.

When we look into your complaint we shall aim to:

  • Find out what happened and what went wrong;
  • Make it possible for you to discuss the problem with those concerned, if you would find this helpful;
  • Make sure you receive an appropriate apology;
  • Identify what we can learn from your complaint and what we can do to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again in order to improve our services.

If You wish to Complain on Behalf of Someone Else

Please note that we keep strictly to the rule of confidentiality.  If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we have to know that you have their permission to do so.  A note or a consent form signed by the person concerned will be needed, unless they are incapable of providing this.  Consent is not needed for your children or where due to illness or infirmity a person is not able to complain for themselves.

Primary Care – NHS England

Whilst we do encourage our patients or their carers to complain to us at the practice directly to give us the opportunity to help resolve complaints; if you feel unable to do so you can contact NHS England as they deal with complaints about primary care, including those about GP practices. Patients can contact the NHS England by writing to;

NHS England. PO Box 16738.Redditch.B97 9PT

Or by email – .

Or by telephoning 0300-311-22-33

Independent Help and Support -ICAT – Independent Complaints Advocacy Team

If you would like independent help and support in making a complaint, you can contact Vital (Bradford district area) who have independent complaints advocacy teams. Vital is an independent organisation and not part of the NHS.

Patients can write to;


Rooms 21-29

1st Floor

The Tradeforce Building,

Cornwall Place,



Telephone Vital on: 01274 770118 or email:

We hope to establish a good relationship with you, your family and our practice Team.  We welcome suggestions and comments from you.  There is a box at the front desk in reception for this purpose as well as friends and family forms which you can complete as many times as you wish and leave comments, all of which are reviewed by management.