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First Contact Physiotherapist Information

We currently have two FCP’s working at our practice.


My name is Ishita Newton and I am a musculoskeletal specialist physiotherapist with over for 18 years experience, working in the NHS and in private practice. I have treated patients with a wide range of issues from back, neck, knee and shoulder pain to fractures, sports injuries and post surgery rehabilitation.

I am passionate about providing the right care at the right time to people and strongly believe in early intervention to reduce recovery time and to improve quality of life. First contact physiotherapy functions to accomplish this purpose. Patients can get direct and speedy specialist advice, so don’t struggle with those aches and pains any longer, contact us and take the first step towards recovery. Our dedicated reception staff will be able to book your appointment directly with the First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP).

This is what one of my patients Shamim Aziz had to say about  the service we provided: “ I am very pleased with the consultation and got all my answers in one consultation. I wished I had asked to see Ishita (FCP) earlier but I know what to do for next time!”


My name is Hafiz Bilal. I am first contact Physiotherapist (FCP) in PCN4 Bradford. I have more than 7 years’ experience as MSK specialist Physiotherapist working in NHS and more than a year experience  as an FCP.

I have been part of Pain management service and Advance practitioner team treating various MSK problems. I have an experience managing acute and chronic spinal conditions, shoulder, and wrist, knee, and hip and ankle problems. I conduct assessments for suspected inflammatory conditions and can request investigations where it is necessary.

I have been involved in developing service for group classes for osteoarthritis patients. I have been involved in developing pathways for MSK service. I have done rehabilitation work treating various sports injuries, pre and post-operative management of various joint problems. I have special interest in managing MSK workload in primary care to improve the pathways and streamline the MSK services.

I focus on service delivery in primary care level to reduce the patient journey and improve the quality of life. Being first contact practitioner gives me an opportunity to do evidence based practice and provide great quality of care to patients without them waiting for further referral to secondary care.

I would encourage anyone who experiences any Musculo-skeletal problems (joint, muscle, bone) to get in touch with us and book with FCP directly to advance towards getting better to improve quality of life.

Please speak to our dedicated staff for further information and they will be able to book you with first contact Physiotherapist directly.

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