Breast Screening Awareness Event


A Breast Screen Awareness Event was arranged on the 3rd October 2019, in conjunction with Picton Medical Centre’s regular Coffee Morning at Westbourne Green Community Health Centre.

This event was organized for patients to help them understand and improve the importance breast screening and help to improve the uptake of this screening for the patients.  Julie who is a Health Promotion Specialist, from the Pennine Breast Imaging Team, attended this session to talk to patients and advise of the importance of the screening programme, and also provided a display stand and information leaflets.

The session was really useful, was mainly attended by women (approximately 25), some of which have failed to attend their screening appointments previously, but following information and understanding of issues around this important screening, many patients have now successfully made new appointments with Pennine Breast Screening Service, which were arranged for them during this event.   Feedback from the attendees was was useful, as this did highlight that, because of language barriers, some patients didn’t cancel their appointments, therefore we encouraged them to make a new appointment and to inform and include a person who would be responsible to take them for screening.