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Routine Appointments

You are encouraged to phone to make routine appointments to see the doctor or the nursing team.

Routine appointments are 10 minutes long

Same Day Service

If you feel that you urgently need to be seen on the same day, then your details will be passed to the duty doctor who will then decide what needs to be done.  This could be offering advice, a prescription, and an emergency same day appointment with the doctor or the nurse practitioner or arranging a routine GP appointment.

All our admin team are trained in triage message taking

Same Day Service appointments with the duty Doctor or Nurse Practitioner can only deal with one problem at one appointment.

Not Attending Appointments

If you decide to make an appointment it is essential that you attend.  Missing an appointment without good reason could result in your removal from our list.

General Enquiries

Please contact the surgery after 10.00 am for general enquiries or test results. Any patient ringing before that time will be asked to call back.

Minor Illness

If you have a simple self limiting minor illness such as a cough, a cold, a cold sore, hay fever etc please think whether an appointment is really necessary.  Please see your local pharmacist for advice on minor illnesses.

Booked Clinic Appointments

These are available in advance for the GP specialist clinics.  You would usually be referred into these by a doctor or nurse in the practice.  These appointments are generally 15-20 minutes each and cover the following areas;

Asthma, Cancer Care, Child Health Surveillance, Chronic Airways Disease, Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes & Level 2 Diabetes, Epilepsy, Hypertension, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Minor Surgery, 24hour BP & ECG’s.